Using Skylight for Zendesk

Skylight for Zendesk is an agent experience for receiving and managing interactions for contact centers that use the Zendesk Support system. When integrated, the two systems work together to provide you with the information that you need from Zendesk to manage your customer interactions in Skylight.

When Skylight is integrated with Zendesk, the following features are available:

  • Skylight user interface: Skylight is displayed as a panel inside the Zendesk console. If you don't see Skylight, click the Skylight () icon at the top-right corner of the Zendesk window. Instructions for how to use Skylight are located here.
  • Screen pops: Skylight uses the customer's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) information to access the contact's user or ticket information from Zendesk. Skylight displays the contact information in the Skylight toaster notification, which is displayed before you accept the interaction. After you accept the invitation, the Zendesk contact information is displayed in the contact identifier section of the primary content area. In some situations, there might not be a direct match to a record. Either no match is found or multiple matches are found. For these cases, Skylight allows you to choose from a list of possible matches or manually link a record.
  • Outbound interactions: When you are working with a Zendesk user record and you want to make an outbound interaction to the customer, you can open an embedded user widget in which you can click the user's contact details and initiate an interaction in Skylight.
  • Navigating multiple interactions: If you have multiple interactions open in Skylight, you can use the tabs in the Skylight interactions panel to toggle between interactions. If the interaction is linked to a Zendesk record, Zendesk displays the corresponding user or ticket record.
  • Zendesk notes: When Skylight is integrated with Zendesk, the Skylight's Note feature is disabled. Write your interaction notes in Zendesk. When you are working with a Skylight interaction that is linked to a Zendesk user or ticket record, you can read the note history in the Zendesk record.
  • Activity History: In Skylight, you can view historical interactions for Zendesk users and tickets. Historical interactions are only available if the interaction is linked to a Zendesk user or ticket record.

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