About Historical Reporting

Welcome to Historical Reporting!

Use Historical Reporting to create visualizations for custom reports and dashboards.

Select the data in Analysis, and also build charts (for example, pie charts, bar charts, line charts), tables, and crosstabs that you can save to the Visual Gallery (as saved visualizations).

Build custom dashboards and reports by adding the saved visualizations.

Share these reports, dashboards, and analyses with other users in your tenant.

Schedule custom reports and dashboards to send by email (even outside of your tenant's users) to designated recipients on a one-time or regular basis.

To access Historical Reporting,you must have the following:

  • Historical Reporting enabled for your tenant. 

    Please contact your account representative for more information if this is not currently enabled.

  •  A role that has the CONFIG_REPORTING_BI_VIEW permission.

To create and schedule reports and dashboards, go to Reporting > Historical Reporting.